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Rooibos tea

Since our store specializes in decaffeinated teas, all teas on sale are decaffeinated.

The products in this shop are all safe to drink. Especially recommended are "Pure Rooibos Tea", "Green Ruyibao" and "Extra Honey Flower Language".

"Pure Rooibos Tea" and "Green Rooibos" can be drunk from the beginning of adding non-staple food. However, since babies have different tastes and preferences, it is best to dilute it with cooled warm water at first and drink it little by little. The temperature recommendation is similar to milk temperature. If there is no problem, the concentration can be increased gradually. Please use water that does not contain impurities. For powdered milk, using Rooibos tea instead of boiling water also makes a delicious drink.

At first, it seems that some children's stools will become slightly soft, but this is the property of rooibos tea, which can help cleanse the bowel and promote natural bowel movements, so don't worry. (Not accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain)

On the contrary, for constipated babies, please actively drink rooibos tea for them.

Our store recommends these two kinds of Rooibos tea as drinks for young children. However, other products may contain spices or herbs, so it is best avoided in infants.

"Green Ruyibao" is the best choice. Green Rooibos contains "SOD (superoxide dismutase) enzyme", which represents antioxidant enzymes. By eliminating excess active oxygen in the body, SOD enzyme can promote metabolism, resulting in beautiful skin. Active oxygen originally plays an important role in killing viruses and bacteria that enter the human body using its powerful attacking ability, but if it increases too much, it oxidizes healthy cells and becomes a trigger for various diseases. "Green Ruyibao" uses unfermented green rooibos tea buds, which contain richer nutrients than fermented rooibos tea.

The following are recommended ways to drink:
●"Green Wishful Treasure"
●「Superior honey flower language」
●"Pure Rooibos Tea"
Drink according to the ratio of 5:3:2, you can get better skin beautification effect.

There are very few polyphenols in tea, but there are still some.

  • Pure Rooibos (fermented tea): 0.04g (40mg) of polyphenols per 100ml.
  • Green Rooibos (unfermented tea): 0.06g (60mg) of polyphenols per 100ml.
    These data are based on the test data obtained by brewing with 250ml of boiling water. Even flavored teas, etc. are based on "Pure Rooibos" or "Green Rooibos", so the polyphenol data here also applies to flavored teas, etc.

The blending amount of Rooibos tea with different flavors is less than 3%.
In addition, its flavors are 100% natural and natural flavors and are produced in IFS (International Food Standard) certified factories.
It is a product that meets the highest level of safety standards and quality standards.

Although it contains natural flavors, there are no added sugars such as sugar.
In addition, according to the data provided by the manufacturer, when 2.5 grams of tea leaves are mixed with about 240 milliliters of hot water, 100 milliliters of nutrients contain 0 grams of sugar.
There are 0 calories, so feel free to drink water instead.

There are three methods of brewing tea with water to choose from, please choose according to your preference.

  • Cold Brew Tea - Before Bedtime

Put water and tea leaves in a jug or glass before bed at night and let it sit overnight for delicious tea in the morning.

  • Cold brew tea - steep for 20 to 30 minutes

Add tea bags to water and let sit for 20-30 minutes before drinking.

* Mineral water (soft water) can better highlight the aroma and taste of tea

  • hot tea

Put 1 packet into a cup and pour 150-200ml of hot water. Let sit for 2-3 minutes to reach your desired thickness and serve.

Even if the color is light, the ingredients have been fully released, so please drink with confidence.
As the ingredients continue to be released, keep the tea bags in the water until finished drinking.

You can also pay attention to the quality of the water.
Soft water is a good choice for making black tea.

Soft water can better extract the aroma and taste, allowing you to better enjoy the delicious taste of black tea.

Experimental results show that hot water for 10 minutes can extract the most active ingredients, but due to daily drinking, such as long-time boiled flower and fruit tea, the taste and vitamins and other ingredients may be reduced.

Warm water brewing and hot water brewing have their own advantages and disadvantages, but if you focus on performance, hot water brewing is recommended, depending on the tea species, if you want to enjoy the aroma of flower and fruit tea, it is recommended to use warm water brewing, short boiling or put the tea bag Drink in hot water.

Glass bottle and heat insulation sleeve

Place the tea bags directly into the glass bottle.

One sachet (1.5 grams) of tea leaves will give you about 1.5 liters of tea in total.

That's a vent so that the carafe can be inserted easily.

Please note that some wrinkles may appear due to the production process and shipping.