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No caffeine. Skincare. Decompression. Restful sleep

Premium Rooibos Tea Gift Box

"H&F Belx Rooibos Gift Box" is a series of high-quality Rooibos packed in elegant and exquisite boxes. Rooibos, also known as national treasure tea, is a caffeine-free herbal tea rich in antioxidants and naturally sweet and nutty.

This tea set includes several different flavors of Rooibos, each with its own unique aroma and flavor. Tea leaves are carefully selected and blended to ensure the highest quality and flavour. The box is designed as the perfect gift for tea lovers or to enjoy for yourself.

"H&F Belx Rooibos Tea Gift Set" is perfect for those who are looking for an alternative to traditional tea or coffee. It's also great for those who are sensitive to caffeine or want a relaxing drink before bed.

Rooibos Tea Gift Set

"Rooibos Tea Gift Set" is a series of high-quality Rooibos tea, a unique herbal tea, caffeine-free, full of natural sweetness and nutty flavour. Each tea leaf is carefully selected and blended to ensure the highest quality and flavour. The perfect gift option for tea lovers and anyone looking for an alternative to traditional tea or coffee.

Taste different flavors

10 Classic Rooibos Teas

[Tasting Set] 10 Flavors of Premium Rooibos Tea

H&F Belx Rooibos Tea 10 Pack Tasting Set includes 10 individually wrapped high quality Rooibos tea bags. Known for its deliciously sweet and nutty flavor, this caffeine-free herbal tea is packed with antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients. For those looking for healthy and tasty tea options, this tasting kit allows you to try a variety of different black tea blend flavors. Enjoy a warm and comforting cup of H&F Belx Rooibos Tea anytime, anywhere.

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"I don't like overly sweet scents, but I like this one because it smells fresh."



" I love H&F rooibos tea so much that I take it to work every day, not only morning and evening. "



"It has a very nice mango aroma and is a must for mango lovers. It is a repeat decision!"



" I am on a diet, but I drink this when I have a sweet craving. It tastes gently delicious and makes me feel calm and gentle."



" I bought it because I couldn't forget the happiness I felt when I first tasted it in the shop! I will buy again... "