Muscat of Alexandria Grapes Green Rooibos Tea

Premium Green Rooibos Muscat of Alexandria
Named after Alexandria, the queen of grapes, the rich and aromatic aroma complements the refreshing green tea flavor, indulging you in an elegant and refreshing sweet aroma, with a blend of green and black tea as the base. If you want to taste the flavor of green tea better, it is recommended that you brew it with hot water and taste it slowly.

Excellent Taste

The aroma that emanates from the first moment of infusion of hot water, with a sweet grape flavor, can make people feel relaxed and refreshed, and is the best switch to switch moods. It's also a good idea to pour tea into a thermos and take it to the office. When you are busy, you can also choose cold brew and add it to a thermos bottle, which is also very helpful as a hydration supplement.

How to make "Champagne Grape Soda"

Put 1 tea bag into a cup, pour about 50ml of boiling water and steep for about 5 minutes, then add ice cubes and appropriate amount of carbonated water. Chilled champagne grape tea will instantly provide a refreshing feeling to the hot body!