Green Rooibos Tea

Premium Green Rooibos Tea

Characteristics of Green Rooibos Tea

It is not fermented, but is made into tea leaves by rapid drying. It has a refreshing taste, without bitterness like green tea, and has a fresh and refreshing taste and aroma unique to unfermented tea. Since it does not contain caffeine, pregnant women, infants and the elderly can drink it with peace of mind.

The difference from ordinary Rooibos tea

Regular Rooibos is slowly fermented for 8 to 24 hours, but Green Rooibos dries quickly without this fermentation process. So we managed to create a lighter taste with this technology. This technique was developed around 2003 and is called "low temperature drying". Since there is no fermentation process, the efficacy of the tea is intact, and the refreshing and non-addictive taste is very suitable for eating.

It has the unique freshness of unfermented and goes well with Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes. Brewed with cold water, the taste is refreshing, and brewed with hot water, it has the feeling of green tea, which can be enjoyed all year round. It is also very popular as a gift.