Super Fruit Green Rooibos Tea

Premium Green Rooibos Tea - Super Fruit

A superfruit is a fruit that combines exceptionally high levels of nutrition, antioxidant qualities, and a particularly attractive taste. Our tea combines precious foods such as acai berry, moringa, hibiscus, and the perfect combination of Rooibos green tea to create a drink that contains essential vitamins, minerals, and other healthy nutrients.

This green tea can replenish nutrition while also providing a delicious taste and aroma. If you want to fully supplement the nutrients you need from your diet, this series is definitely not to be missed!

A good day starts with Rooibos tea! 

The strawberry and fruit aromas are perfect for hot tea, with a slightly sweet aroma and warmth that is relaxing. Super fruit tea is especially suitable for drinking in the morning. It tastes sweet and refreshing, and you can drink it from the morning. Since its nutritional value is higher than that of water, you can enjoy it even on an empty stomach.