Honey Grape Rooibos Tea

Premium Honey Grape Rooibos Tea

When you taste the grape nectar flavored Rooibos, you will feel the perfect combination of grapes and honey. We infuse the tea with the fresh aroma and natural sweetness of grapes . As with our previous products, we use domestic Japanese honey powder, whose ingredients and taste are almost the same as real honey, to present a unique sweet and delicate aroma, as well as a delicate texture. Glucose and fructose are the main components of honey, which can be quickly digested and absorbed by the human body, providing nutrition for the brain, so that you can taste good while bringing benefits to your body.

The taste of this grape honey Rooibos tea is full of the natural flavor of grapes, with moderate sweetness, not too strong, and it is very comfortable to drink. Whether it is afternoon tea time or work break, it can make you feel good enjoyment.

Rooibos tea is caffeine-free, so even pregnant women and children can drink it during the day or at night. Plus, rooibos tea is so low in tannins that it won't turn bitter even if you leave the tea bag on. The lightweight package is easy to carry, you can enjoy delicious grape molasses flavored Rooibos anytime, anywhere!