Pure Rooibos Tea

Premium Pure Rooibos

This pure Rooibos flavored product is a healthy and delicious tea. Rooibos tea is caffeine-free and low in tannin, making it suitable for drinking at any time and by anyone, including babies, children, pregnant and postpartum mothers. In addition, Rooibos tea contains many flavonoids, such as Aspalathin, Luteolin, and Quercetin, which have positive effects on maintaining health.

Pure Rooibos flavor from H&F BELX is a tea drink with a strong aroma and refreshing taste. It can be served hot or iced, providing a wonderful tasting experience in either form. Additionally, you can add fresh or dried fruit to your tea for added texture and zest, creating unique flavors. If you like mild and sweet drinks, Rooibos will not disappoint.

It can be shared during leisure time on weekdays, office breaks, or with friends. H&F BELX's pure Rooibos flavor is a healthy and delicious choice anytime and anywhere!