Raspberry Leaf Rooibos Tea - Raspberries, Rose hips, Elderberries, Apples, Strawberries

Premium Rooibos Tea Raspberry Leaf

Our tea is made using premium quality Rooibos tea and blended with herbs such as red mulberry leaves, which are helpful for women's health and beauty. It is also blended with vitamin C-rich rose hips and elderberries, resulting in a tea that has a rich fruit flavor.

Rich Fruit Flavor

We have also added fruit flavors such as apple, strawberry, and red raspberry, giving the tea a light fruity aroma and refreshing taste. It is the perfect nightcap when you want to take a break from work or chores or to end the day.

"God's White Fruit"

Raspberries are called Framboise in French and were referred to as "the ginkgo of God" in ancient Greek mythology. Pregnant women in Europe have been drinking it since ancient times, as it is believed to have beneficial properties.